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Platina and Palladium are metals with a characteristic feature of staying shiny and white forever. They are the most expensive metals when you go to buy them in the form of jewelry. This feature is a synonym to their personalities– of being the most pride and egoistic homeopathic medicines.

Ego & Pride - Platina and Palladium

Pride is said to be ‘a self-conscious emotion which is felt when self-image in the society is at risk.’ It can be a positive or a negative feeling depending on the circumstances.  Synonyms for pride: egotism, haughtiness, boastfulness, vanity.

Zomeo - Pride

How to understand the pride is a positive emotion or a negative emotion?

  • Positive pride is a state of self-esteem, achievement and becoming confident with experience. There is a sense of accomplishment which will make a person be humble.
  • Negative pride is associated with arrogance. The person is not humble, has a dominating behavior, superiority feeling that leads to aggression and antisocial behavior.

Pride is observed in personalities of Platina and Palladium, Gratiola, Staphysagria, Lachesis, Veratrum album and Sulphur. Platina and Palladium are complementary to each other. Let us study about their personalities when it comes to pride, ego and what differs them.


  • The first impression when you meet a Platina is her ‘haughtiness’. She treats other dismissively as if they are not worth her time
  • Her pride is accompanied by the feeling of ignored or abandoned by others
  • She is sensitive to rejection
  • When a loved one leaves her, she is devastated
  • She is very sensitive and excitable and tends to keep to herself
  • The sexual desire is intense in Platina than any other remedy. She is ashamed to seek help for the sudden sexual impulses.
  • The superiority complex is denoted in the delusions as well – Delusion of being a great person


  • Palladium has a strong need for appreciation from others.
  • Platina displays ‘superiority’ in her behavior ‘how important she is’, but palladium hides this, she will never show the haughtiness.
  • All her complaints began when someone has embarrassed her and wounded her pride
  • She wants to be flattered

Zomeo - Palladium

  • Imagines people ignore her and are better in the company.
  • They are quiet, timid, lack self-confidence.
  • They can be quite egoistic, although they do not show it so directly.

Platina and Palladium both have a sphere of action on the female reproductive system giving rise to symptoms like suppressed menses, uterine prolapse, tumors, etc.

Rubrics for Platina & Palladium in Pride and Ego

  • Delusion, humility, and lowness of others while he is great.
  • Egotism.
  • Haughty.
  • Flattery, desires.
  • Scorn, ailments, from.
  • Delusion, that she is disgraced
  • Longing for the good opinion of others.
  • Delusion, she is not appreciated.
  • Delusion, forsaken.
  • Haughty, wounded, wishes to be flattered.
  • Delusion, insulted, he is.
  • Delusion, neglected, he is.
  • Delusion, tall, walking, had grown, while.
  • Obstinate, amiable, tries to appear.
  • Offended, easily.


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