Quick Symptom Record: A time-saving Feature of Hompath Zomeo

Quick Symptom Record

Hompath Zomeo is equipped with a feature called Quick Symptom Record. It is an extremely time-saving feature that allows you to quickly select your rubrics in a (colloquially speaking) shortcut method.

Multitasking is a common attribute we all acquire and we try to handle multiple tasks while at our clinics too. When a patient is in his train of thought and narrating his story, we are compelled to look at our computers, access our repertories, and see if we can find that particular in quick symptom and record it.

But what if you have a couple more patients waiting in your clinic? Can we really take a long time running through the chapters and finding symptoms that match our patients’? What we need is Quick way to find and record symptoms for repertorization.

Here is how it looks:

Quick Symptom Record

On the left-hand side, it enlists all categories under which you would like to select a symptom. These categories in turn, have sub-categories too, from where you can quickly select the most appropriate symptom.

On the right-hand side, you will see the most suitable rubrics across all 42 Repertories in Hompath Zomeo. It is an essentially a very streamlined feature, which can be used when you have to decide upon your similimum in minutes.

Emotions & Feelings

Hompath Zomeo enables you to pick the most important rubric without navigating through each individual repertory. Not only selecting, but you can also see what remedies cover that particular rubric with just one click. With this, you can give a quick overview of all your remedies to the client.

Full Symptom

With Hompath Zomeo, work smarter and be more skillful. Features like Reference Book Search, Clinical Tips, Utility Module, etc., and many more features are all designed in a way that you can quickly access relevant information and use it for your patients.

We add several features such as Patient Instructions, and Dietary Instructions which are important helping tools making you a smarter healthcare practitioner.

Get the best of this most intelligent, intuitive, Homeopathy Software Hompath Zomeo with cutting-edge technology, a clean user interface from global experienced Homeopaths, built-in Expert Systems and a lot more.

And we are multi-lingual too! Our software is available in English, Spanish, German (Deutsch), Portuguese, French languages.

Begin your journey with Hompath Zomeo now and see the difference in your practice.

Zomeo Homeopathic Software is loaded with 43 repertories, 1300+ homeopathy books, 3400+ remedies, 1561 homeopathic medicines keynotes, 3251 remedy properties, 136materia medica books and many useful features.

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