Zomeo Library: Benefits & Uses of Book Search and Book List

Zomeo Library

Books are the companions we need, our treasures where we seek, and our teachers that will guide! Books are all that you want to know more, refer more, and enrich yourself with more information. And what better place than your desktop to get thousands of books at your fingertips? Hompath gives prime importance to learning and knowing more and hence the elaborative Zomeo Library and Books section is always there in all its programs Zomeo Ultimate, Elite or even apps like Firefly etc. and many more. Hompath’s most liked and used software and apps have an ocean of homeopathy information in form of books, journals, cases etc.

Our software boasts of:

  • 1250 volumes of homeopathic data
  • 135 Materia medica books
  • 103 books on Philosophy
  • Books on Pharmacy, Clinical, Therapeutics, Remedy pictures and many more such subjects
  • 8700 from 16 Homeopathy journals
  • 8000 cure cases

This innumerable and valuable collection of books are easy to search, navigate and go through with Hompath Zomeo. We have a Book Module, which opens with just a click, that opens up a vast library catering to various subjects. On the left, you will see, as seen in the image below, a list of subjects from which you would like to select the books.

Zomeo Library


On the right-hand side, you will see the book with a heading, Book details, Chapters & Sections, as seen here. For a comfortable reading, you can even decrease or increase the font size at your convenience.


Baryta Book search

The ‘materia medica’ has 135 books in Zomeo Library that consists of in-depth drug pictures of more than 3250 drugs. There are easy and advanced search options, where you can search by remedy, book, or author you wish to read.

The ‘Tresorie’ section has journals from over 100 years which has materials on cases, materia medica, research as well as scope of homeopathy in various diseases. Clinical experiences shared by renowned homeopaths also add greatly to the homeopathy literature.

‘Philosophy’ consists of more than 100 books on organon and philosophy which is the fundamental subject explaining the principles of homeopathy. Students often find this subject tedious and lengthy, but with Hompath Library, studying philosophy becomes much simpler and organized.

‘Therapeutics’ section consists of more than 35 books on therapeutics which are of great practical help in the clinics and even for the students appearing for their exams.

Similarly, ‘Pharmacy’ has books that will guide you to understand the science of doses and potentization. 100 books in ‘Clinical’ and 74 books in the ‘Regional therapeutics’ section are incredibly good sources of information for homeopaths. ‘Remedy picture’ has 26 books which give excellent remedy pictures by expert homeopaths.

The famous ROH (Rediscovery of Homeopathy) Series by Dr. Sehgal as well as some of the best-selling Dr. Vijayakar books also add to the spectacular Hompath Library.

From the Book title, you can either select the Reference books to directly view the books that are available or you can use the Book Search option to specifically find a particular book that you want to read.

A very important aspect of our books is that they are all source books and hence are accurate and correct and of course original. You will find them just as you would find in your hard copies.

With the book search, option, you can practically search any remedy, any disease condition, any topic and the software will search your word from among all the books or sources available. You can further filter or reset as to which book in particular would you like to search your point. Here for an example, let us search bedwetting and here are the options.


You will see the keywords highlighted in yellow as shown here:

Book Search Jan Scholten

As a student if you are working on thesis, it is easy to be able to copy your data from the Zomeo Library books, and print it. You will also find thousands of reference materials in form of articles from journals, cured cases by experts, and books by our stalwarts. Preparing thesis made easy with Hompath Software too.

A favorite feature among many homeopaths is the Text-to-speech feature which allows you to listen to these books on the go.

Zomeo Library

Just plug in your headphones, sit back and listen to them like you are listening to a teacher. All the apps and software provided by Hompath allow you to listen to books and the best part is you don’t even need the internet to turn them on.

Travel anywhere, take a vacation, carry your laptop anywhere and when you still want a touch of homeopathy when you want, listening to books can be a fun thing too, not to mention learning all the time you can.

So, to summarize, you can browse books through their authors, book titles, topics or subjects, journals or cases, from expert books, or therapeutics, and help yourself to the heaps of homeopathic data and hit the books to excel in your studies or practice or even to acclaim international fame through webinars.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” So, happy reading with books in Hompath Zomeo Library and enjoy your learning ride. Zomeo Homeopathic Software books will never disappoint you and will always be by your side at your beck and call!

Begin your journey with Hompath Zomeo now and see the difference in your practice.

Zomeo Homeopathic Software is loaded with 43 repertories, 1300+ homeopathy books, 3400+ remedies, 1561 homeopathic medicines keynotes, 3251 remedy properties, 136materia medica books and many useful features.

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