Homeopathy for treatment of Vitiligo

Leukoderma or white patches, as usually known, Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease which is quite commonly seen in homeopathic practice. This is because of the limited scope of other treatments which fail to help Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disorder characterized by white spots or white patches on the skin.…

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Homeopathy for treatment of Tonsillitis

Homeopathy for tosillitis

Tonsillitis is inflammation of tonsils, which are collection of lymphoid tissues located in the throat. It is the most common upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) and is frequently prevalent especially among children. Even adults occasionally may acquire tonsillitis due to low immunity. Tonsils are part of body’s’ defence system that…

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Tempraz Expert System- Dr. Parinaz Humranwala

Homeopathy has been reaching extra-ordinary heights since its foundations laid by Dr. Hahnemann. Stalwarts keep coming; adding to the newest information updated according to the latest technologies and creating histories. Although there have been different schools of thoughts in homeopathy, the collective goals remain the same to do the higher…

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Homeopathy for Scarlet Fever

Scarlet fever is a common contagious infection caused by bacteria group-A streptococci which is also responsible for strep throat. Scarlet fever or scarlatina is common in children especially those who previously suffered from strep throat. The most common symptoms of scarlatina are: Red rashes: They typically appear on the face,…

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Homeopathy in treatment for Alcoholism

Alcoholism using Homeopathy

Moderate intake of alcohol may be a norm for most adults, however if it takes the form of Alcohol Use Disorder, your lives may be in havoc, relationships in trouble, careers at a standstill and legal issues may become frequent. The term Alcohol Use Disorder encompasses two major aspects: ‘Alcoholism’…

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Biochemic tissue salts –  A unique Mobile App

Biochemic tissue salts have been famously used along with homeopathy by many homeopaths across the world, delivering excellent results in their patients. These Schuessler’s Salts were first introduced by a German Homeopathic physician, Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler. Dr. Schuessler observed that disease was caused due to an imbalance between the 12…

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Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics: Dr. E. B. Nash


Dr. Eugene B. Nash was a noted and a remarkable homeopath and practiced in New York. He was a professor in materia medica, a member of the American Institute of Homeopathy and later the President of International Hahnemannian Association. From his long productive career and his immense experience, he has…

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Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar comes to your rescue in acute illness and avoid referring patient to other system of medicine. Homeopathy is indisputably the ultimate therapy for long-standing chronic diseases. But how often do we get stuck when we are faced with acute conditions while solving a…

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