Complete Repertory 2016, Repertory by Roger Zandvoort

Complete Repertory 2016

Compiling the latest Complete Repertory involved a mammoth task of including an original materia medica and repertory, Carl Friedrich Trinks’ “Handbuch der homoöpatischen Arzneimittellehre” from 1847. This is similar to a primary Materia Medica but it also includes more remedy provings and toxicology symptoms. Apart from Trinks’ opus, about 760…

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The Soul of Remedies by Dr. Rajan Sankaran

dr rajan sankaran soul of remedies

             Dr. Rajan Sankaran is an internationally renowned thinker, teacher and writer of the homeopathic system of medicine. He is well known to be an original thinker and is famous for his revolutionary concepts in Homoeopathy. His understanding of disease as a delusion, discovery of newer…

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Hompath Firefly : A new Updated Homeopathy App version

  Ever since Hompath Firefly was launched, it was a hit among the students, homeopath-amateurs as well as the experts. Right from its exhaustive library including books on various subjects by celebrated authors to easy repertorization, this app has proved useful for doctors. Keeping its popularity in mind, Hompath Firefly…

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Hompath software has the world’s largest homeopathic database including various repertories and Materia Medica books along with a number of homeopathic and medical journals. Hompath EcoTeak is a strong and powerful platform designed to help you cross the thresholds of success. The careful alignment of the large volumes of data…

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