Boericke Repertory: How to use it skillfully in clinical practice?


Boericke Repertory is the most widely used bedside clinical repertory in Homeopathic clinical practice. It contains clinical symptoms and conditions with a corresponding group of medicines. Boericke Repertory facilitates the selection of a remedy on the basis of pathological similarity, causation, modalities, and concomitants. Boericke repertory can be used for…

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Understanding Rubric with Zomeo Homeopathy Software

Understanding Rubric

Kids are a Homeopaths favorite patients and almost half of a Homeopaths practice ascribe to our little pediatric guests. They are simple and easier to understand as compared to adults, their body language is unguarded and uninhibited and even if they are sad, angry, or irritable they take less effort…

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Managing Conduct Disorder with Zomeo Homoeopathy Software


Conduct Disorder is a type of Behavioral and Emotional Disorder, seen in around 2–5% in children between 5–12 years and 5–9% in adolescents (between 13–18 years). Considered as most common disruptive behavior disorder in children it affects boys more frequently than girls. Conduct disorder can start in childhood itself or…

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‘UTILITY’ feature of Zomeo software – A short tour


Repertory is a tool which enables Homeopathic physician with speed, accuracy and many other clinical gears. Homeopathy is a 200 year medical science which has evolved tremendously with time. Now there is voluminous data of thousands of remedies. Zomeo Homeopathic software has compiled all the data and used the best…

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