Materia Medica of Kali(Potassium) Salt

Kali or Potassium salt is the normal constituent of tissues and fluids especially muscles. It is also one of the components of nerve cells. There are 40+ remedies in the Kali group that are used for different ailments. But the basic theme or the core of all Kali salts remains…

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Hypertension & Hypercholesterolemia – Diet & Nutrition

Hypertension & Hypercholesterolemia

Definition: Lifestyle diseases are associated with the way a person lives his life. Culprits of lifestyle diseases: Less of physical activity Alcohol drinking Smoking Drug abuse Sugary foods and drinks Processed foods Types of Lifestyle diseases: Obesity Diabetes Type II Heart diseases High blood pressure High cholesterol levels Stroke Cancer…

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Remedy Extract in Zomeo Homeopathic software

Zomeo Software

Remedy Extract is a feature of Zomeo to extract symptoms from the repertory for a given set of remedies. This feature is also referred to as ‘Reverse Materia Medica’, which helps you to quickly find the symptoms for the given remedies from any repertories. Let us take the example of remedies…

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Zomeo Homeopathic Software: How to Create New Patient File/ Record

The all-new Zomeo homeopathic software helps you record a case history, Repertorize rubrics, making a prescription and maintaining follow-up details, all in one place. You can record Patient information as well, thanks to the immensely utility-conscious and exhaustive Patient Management System. Follow the following steps to create New Patient record…

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Announcing Zomeo Homeopathic Software Version 13.2

We are excited to introduce you to our newest, upgraded version of Zomeo homeopathic software with new features and a beautifully resigned user interface. Our team has been hard at work researching and building the best Zomeo experience for Windows and we have great news. Zomeo, now is available on…

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Patient Management System in Homeopathic Software

What is the first thing you have been taught while case taking? Preliminary data is the vital information to be noted down before starting with the chief complaints of the patient when he comes first time. Zomeo homeopathic software has a unique patient management system allowing you to store all…

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